Innovation as a service

Al Pack has introduced new services for its existing and future customers. We are now offering Production on demand and Innovation as a service.

Our current or future partners now have the ability to rent R&D and production capacities for customer-driven innovations. We also provide customer desired tests performed in laboratory or on a production scale to  evaluate and verify expectations. Duration of the project can vary and it can be as short as two weeks.. On certain projects  there is an option for shared development costs and the possibility to supply the newly developed products in the near future. You got a new idea? We'll test the feasibility for you. We give you the opportunity to test your ideas on the equipment you don’t have and use the extra knowledge of our resources in order to achieve optimal results.

How does it work?

  1. You contact us with a request for a new innovative project
  2. We listen to your desires and goals, and then make a detailed project plan and scope (timeline, funding, laboratory trials, industrial trials etc.)
  3. You come to our facilities and rent our laboratory and/or production capacity with our full assistance (there is also an option that we do the tests without your presence)
  4. We come to a conclusion together and you decide what happens next.
  5. Options are infinite – another trial, project suspension, serial production of the innovative product, intellectual rights, etc.