Production on demand

Al Pack has introduced new services for its existing and future customers. We are now offering Production on demand and Innovation as a service.

Our clients are now able to rent production capacities, which can become available within 24 hours. We have the possibility to work in a 3-shift system, thus large output volumes become feasible within a short period of time. The customer defines a deadline or a quantityand then we try to reach one of those goals as soon as possible.. With this option, you do not use extra capacity when you do not need it. We have the possibility to switch from regular production to production on demand at any time.

How does it work?

  1. You contact us with a request for urgent production
  2. You give us a desired quantity or a deadline
  3. We give you an answer within 24 hours if it is physically feasible
  4. You review our offer and if an agreement is achieved, we start the production within a few hours.
  5. We deliver the goods on the deadline or a desired quantity as soon as possible.