Dairy products

Rising competition and costs in dairy industry have led to the fusion of smaller dairies and to the diversification of products. This led to a new pattern of demands for the packaging industry, and we at Al Pack understand our customer’s way of thinking and their market position, and assist them in the achievement of their goals.

Our flexible packaging solutions, tailored for the needs of the dairy industry, are of superior quality, and the exceptionally short delivery times have convinced many customers throughout Europe to choose Al Pack as their primary supplier. From high-volume orders for the mass market, to the small premium products, we can supply the packaging almost as fast as your production is flexible.

Having in mind our orientation towards European markets, we fully conform to all relevant EU, national or local regulations and laws regarding food-contact materials.

Here you can find the following products: AL/PP Foil for savoury products, AL/PP lids for savoury products, Heatsealable foil, Heatsealable lids, AL Foil for butter, Walki foil, Melted cheese foil, OPP Labels, Shrink-sleeve labels, Shrink-sleeve for cups