Al pack technologies


New, modern and temperature controlled warehouse.

Coating and Laminating

– gravure and smooth rollers
- wax lamination
- wet lamination
- dry lamination
- duplex
- triplex – joining of three different materials in one pass.

Final Product

After coating and laminating process , foil is carefully treated for the next steps by

- slitting to desired widths
- lubrication
- embossing


Latest generation HD flexo prepress guarantee the finest prints.

New, sophisticated servo driven UV flexo machines with integrated in-line print control.

Deep Drawing

Many different smooth wall container shapes are produced by robust and reliable eccentric presses.

Final Product
Die Cutting

High speed , accurate and productive eccentric presses.

Different embossing types ( worms, pins, lines..)

Many lid sizes and shapes.


Up to 300mm sleeve width, with possibility of longitudinal perforation. Each product is controlled at the inspection machine.